Industrial Floor Coatings – Concretes Best Friend?

Even though industries spend large amounts of money on concrete floors, they aren’t exactly trouble free after completion. Companies must anticipate the spillage of substances such as oils and chemicals among others. This necessitates the use of floor coating materials, which are vital in the prevention of damage and cracking of floors due to abuse and natural wear. Without proper coatings, spaces and cracks appear through which liquids may pass and cause ugly discolored patches.

Additionally, grime and dirt, which characterize most concrete floors, are difficult to clean and necessitate the use of toxic cleaners. But this problem is usually easy overcome with the use of industrial floor coatings, which allow one to clean the surface with soap and water.

In regards to appearance, a concrete floor alone is boring and dull. With the use of floor coatings, appearance can be turned into any color or variety of pattern, which adds to the beauty and shine of the floors.

Coatings to Consider
The most common, though not the strongest commercial floor coating is epoxy. Epoxy covers hard surfaces, like concrete floors and is made of resins, which are plastic-based. Epoxy is created from a liquid mixture, which is then spread over the floor to dry. Decorative versions can be stamped and painted, though industrial versions need hard coatings to withstand wear and tear.

Ceramic coatings, which are made of stabilizers combined with clay are fired into tile or brick shapes. These materials are then linked across the floor with cement. Ceramics are best at providing heat resistance and are long lasting. They are often placed over resins which help to enhance impact resistance. Ceramics are now slowly being replaced by newer carbon materials.

What to Avoid
Regarding more inexpensive options, there is a tendency in factories to make floors by use of simple concrete and basic sealers. These sealers protect concrete from long term wear and prevent seepage of moisture, but to keep sealants viable, they must be reapplied frequently.

It is highly advised to research the contents of coatings as well. This is because many floor coatings have substances, such as isocyanates, which are hazardous in nature. There are also coatings, which contain large quantities of solvents making them toxic and highly volatile. So inhabitants must take major precautions during application and many hours after application.

Several other precautions should be kept in mind to avoid dangers associated with these materials. Traditional types of coatings are always hazardous and must be handled with care. During application of such coatings, inhalation of toxic vapors can precipitate vomiting, headaches, drowsiness and vomiting. This is always a danger to customers; but is usually a greater danger to the workers who handle the substance directly and are in close contact with the materials during application and installation. Safety procedures should be strictly adhered to. Exposure to isocyanates for prolonged periods has been proven to result in lung problems including inflammation and asthma and at times even death.

The most contemporary industrial floor coatings to date are Hybrid polymers, which are more sophisticated and provide more direct benefits for industrial use including cost savings and increased durability. These coatings are easily installed and are highly resistant to harsh conditions in warehouses and factories; for example UV radiation and chemical spills.

Apple Still Dominates Smartphone Software Market With 2 Billion App Downloads

As Palm makes ever longer leaps and strides toward unseating the King of Smartphones in the hardware segment of the market by agreeing to let sell the Palm Pre for only $100 (with a 2-year Sprint contract), Apple continues to reign supreme in the software market, at least when it comes to smartphone apps, that is.

Just recently, the Apple iTunes App Store marked its 2 billionth download. The 1 billionth iPhone app download only happened just a few months earlier – on April 23, 2009 to be precise. Which lends to the question of whether a 3 billionth or even a 4 or 5 billionth iPhone app download will occur before the end of this year.

When an iPhone user notched that 1 billionth benchmark, Apple awarded him (or her) a whole bevy of free goodies from Apple. Will the 2 billionth downloader receive the same boon? The Apple press release on the achievement mentions nothing on the subject, so it’s doubtful. Maybe for the 1 billionth (with its two-week promotional campaign leading up to it) Apple thought it needed the extra push to get those apps downloaded.

But now that the iTunes App store seems, like the iPhone itself, to have a life of its own, perhaps Apple no longer sees the need to offer such incentives. If so, they’re probably right. With 85,000 apps and more than 125,000 members of Apple’s iPhone Developer Program serving over 50 million iPhone and iPod Touch users around the world there’s little marketing they can do at this point that will equal the chain reaction of word-of-mouth (or rather, word-of-text) that has already begun.

Analysts say that Microsoft and Symbian and even RIM are so heavily focused in the OS game – with, most notably in today’s news, 30 new smartphone devices slated to come out in the next year running WinMo 6.5 – that they’re lagging way behind Apple in terms of fun and useful applications to use on their smartphones. Even Google, probably the most likely to produce a similar breadth of apps for its Android OS, still has a lot of catching up to do.

Koozies: Unconventional, Low-Cost Media To Promote Your Products And Services

Marketing is essential to your company since it makes it possible for you to get new clients and retain old ones, and encourage them to purchase more items and do this more frequently. Effective marketing strategies will ensure that consumers will think of your company when they need a particular product or service. All of these will help maintain the profitability of your company.

There are numerous marketing strategies you can use to make consumers aware of your brand. Some business owners have the wrong notion that marketing efforts need to be capital-intensive to yield substantial returns. Marketing efforts will still be successful by offsetting financial deficits with creativity and resourcefulness. Take for instance utilizing promotional items.

The efficacy of promotional merchandise is for the most partly due to the fact that the advertising message is delivered on a tangible media. Because they are useful and informative at the same time, buyers will likely not hesitate in receiving and keeping them. Any product can be turned into advertising media, even koozies. Customized koozies can bear your company’s name, logo, or slogan and give away at trade shows, conferences, or as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns.

To those who don’t know what koozies are, they are actually insulating sleeves made out of fabric or foam designed to keep your hand warm and the beverage cold. Personalized koozies are effective advertising media because they are likely to be used frequently which will in turn facilitate the introduction of the company’s name to the consumer’s household and social networks.

You can give customized koozies as incentives to customers who referred their friends and family to your company. Personalized koozies may also be used to build traffic to your booth during expos and in other events with high foot traffic such as spectator sports.

The good thing about personalized beverage sleeves is that they do not require much money. In fact, you can get them for less than half a dollar. In most cases, the volume of your order will determine the price of individual beverage sleeves. That is, you can lower the per-unit-cost by buying in bulk.

You can buy them from promotional product distributors. A number of these suppliers have corporate websites making it easier to learn about their products and services. These companies can help you create a design that is eye-catching, memorable but still effectively mirrors your brand. They can use stock images or make new graphics or logos for you to make your merchandise truly stand out. If you want to save money, and you’re confident with your art skills, consider making the artwork yourself.

These promotional merchandise suppliers can turn any item into effective marketing media. They usually have a wide range of items you can choose from; examples include caps, pens, buttons, and decals. Like koozies, they also do not require a lot of money to produce.